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By Capt. CJ LaCour, MEC Vice Chairman

I n late 2016, I found myself            Economic & Financial Analysis,     national as our ongoing negotia-
     in recurrent ground school          which keeps us abreast of indus-   tions continue.
     one afternoon when I re-            try and macroeconomic changes,
ceived several texts from MEC            Legislative Affairs that advocate     At our MEC meeting in Hern-
members, as well as a phone call for us on Capitol Hill, Member             don in late October, the MEC
from Capt. Ricks, asking if I was Insurance that provides group             elected me to the position of
willing to serve as your PSA MEC plans for our members, etc., etc.,         MEC vice chairman, for a term
secretary-treasurer. The outgoing etc. I encourage you to explore           that started on January 1, 2018.
secretary-treasurer, Capt. Todd all the resources available to you          In my new role I will continue
Gruber, was flowing soon, leaving as a member, and your starting            to support the MEC and all our
a critical vacancy in MEC leader- point is                    volunteers as we continue to
ship. Not knowing much about             At our MEC level, your dues        represent you, our pilots. I will
the job, but willing to serve, I         also support a large network of    also continue to be a part of
accepted the MEC’s offer and             volunteers who are looking out     the Negotiating Committee as
became your secretary-treasurer for our interests, of whom I’d              we work toward capitalizing on
at the beginning of 2017.                like to highlight several. Capt.   the gains we have seen at other
What I soon found out is that Ralph Rhinehart leads our Pilot               fee-for-departure carriers. The
your dues dollar provides a              Assistance Committee, a group      MEC appointed my friend Capt.
tremendous amount of services of volunteers trained to support              Tim LeVan to be your new MEC
at both the national and MEC             all our pilots when they find      secretary-treasurer, and I look
levels. At our Herndon offices,          themselves in situations they      forward to working with him in
your leadership and our mem-             weren’t anticipating. Maintaining  the future.
bers have direct access to a             the standard of excellence set
wide array of services. We have by his predecessor, Capt. Kevin                Fly safe, and I look forward to
                                                                            seeing you on the line. 

an Air Safety Organization that Maceri and the Hotel Committee
supports not only safety across continue to fight for the quality
the industry, but also our ASAP, of our overnights. Capt. Jonathan
FOQA, and Fatigue committees, Atwood and the Security and
as well as 24/7/365 support              Jumpseat committees participate
in case of accident or incident.         in dialogue across the industry
We have communication spe-               that not only keeps us safe but
cialists who support not just            protects our access to one of
national campaigns to educate the best perks of our profes-
the public, but also our efforts         sion—jumpseat travel. And Capt.
to communicate with you, our             Michael Howe of the Negotiating
constituents, on issues that are Committee, on which I also serve,
important to all our pilots. We          is determined to maximize the
have Representation and Legal gains available to all PSA pilots
departments that work hand in through his able leadership as
hand with your PSA Grievance             we dialogue with the company.
and Negotiating volunteers to            Moving forward, our MEC
maximize the outcomes for our accounts are very healthy, but
pilots while drawing from a deep we also anticipate having access
pool of experience. There’s also to additional grant funding from

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