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By Capt. Erin Jackson, Communications Committee Chairman

O ur Communications                                      team also includes several extremely integral ALPA
           Committee is a                                national staff members. The tireless and amazingly
           unique resource, a                            talented Julie Mayes is our senior communications
tool used by every commit- specialist in ALPA’s Communications Department,
tee, and a key component and the equally industrious Anya Piazza from AL-
in pilot unity. 2017 was a                               PA’s Strategic Member Development and Resourc-
monumental year for the                                  es Department serves as administrator for our P2P
Communications Com-                                      efforts.
mittee. The chair position                               For 2018, we look forward to continued prog-
was elevated to an officer ress and growth through communication between
position, which means the our MEC and union committees, and the entire
Communications officer is pilot group as a whole. 
present at all MEC meetings
and teleconferences. This has allowed for available
information to be promptly shared with the pilot
group. The committee structure is also in the process
of being reorganized, with our mentorship subcom-
mittee and newly forming Pilot-to-Pilot (P2P) pro-
gram falling under the Communications Committee.
In 2017, we continued to increase avenues of
communication, from weekly newsletters to tele-
conferences directly with the MEC chairman. The
Communications officer e-mails regularly with all 20
committee and subcommittee chairs to collect infor-
mation and distribute it to the pilot group. We also
oversee the TextCaster program, which is used most-
ly for bidding reminders but also recently has been
used as a reminder of upcoming teleconferences.
Our MEC has offices at the ALPA national offices
in Herndon, Va., which has allowed us easy access
to ALPA’s recording studio. We feel the Chairman’s
Address videos have been yet another effective
way of communicating to the pilot group.
Our most recent accomplishment is a brand-new
public-facing website,, de-
signed by PSA Capt. Sunny Patel. PSAPilotCareers.
com contains basic PSA ALPA info for the prospec-
tive pilot to view, a blog-style profile of two current
pilots about what it’s like at PSA, and some other
basic industry content. In addition to this new
website, we also have a pilot volunteer keeping our
members-only site up to date by adding the weekly
bulletins, LOAs, conference calls, and all other per-
tinent information for our pilot group.
Our Communications team consists of myself
as chair and Communications officer, committee
member and P2P expert F/O Lindsey Evans, and
web administrators Capt. Sunny Patel and Capt.
Mark Powers. Along with our pilot contributors, our
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