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COUNCIL 61 REPORT                                      We look forward to working jointly with them to
                                                       bring many more improvements for our group.
L ocal Executive Council (LEC) 61 kicked off
        2017 with a fresh start for pilots in the         As the LEC 61 officers ring in the New Year, we do
        Dayton/Cincinnati domicile. The council’s      so with the brightest of outlooks. We plan to hold
new leadership includes Capts. Ryan Blackford and      more LEC meetings than we have had in the previous
Bryan Sandlin and First Officer Jared Dichter. How-    years, with the goal of providing a steadier avenue
ever, shortly after the new officers took the reins,   for your voices to be heard, and to help promote
Capt. Blackford accepted a career-progressing first    involvement within ALPA. Adding a few more LEC
officer position with ALPA carrier JetBlue. LEC 61’s   meetings will also allow us to cover both bases in a
membership held elections, which resulted in the       more equal manner rather than favoring one base
welcome return of former LEC 61 officer Capt. Joe      location over the other. The MEC continues to strive
Kolarik to the helm as captain representative          for improvements for our pilots and we will as always
and chairman.                                          do the best we can to achieve our goals. We thank
                                                       you for your continued support and wish you all the
    Since Capt. Kolarik’s term began, the council has  safest and healthiest 2018! 
held several LEC meetings with a substantial in-
crease in turnout. At the MEC level, we have made
progress on many companywide issues and achieved
many improvements for the group. During this time,
PSA has undergone many changes in its upper-level
management and throughout the Chief Pilot’s Office.

COUNCIL 69 REPORT                                      current and future challenges and issues our pilots
                                                       face. In the most recent of these LEC meetings,
P SA Council 69 is composed of Char-                   nominations and elections were held for chairman,
        lotte-based pilots. Chairman and Captain       vice chairman, and secretary-treasurer positions
        Representative Steve Toothe, Vice Chairman     beginning March 1, 2018. Capts. Toothe and Pen-
and First Officer Representative Ivan Ati, and Sec-    nington were reelected to their current positions,
retary-Treasurer Jerrad Pennington lead this largest   while Capt. Ati chose not to run for reelection. Capt.
domicile of the growing wholly owned American          Richard Barnes, a 31-year veteran of PSA Airlines,
Airlines regional carrier. Together, we strive to      was elected as the new Council 69/first officer rep-
serve the pilots of this council by providing assis-   resentative. Congratulations, Richard!
tance in any way we can. Whether it be contract
interpretation and enforcement, professional              Among numerous challenges facing the PSA
standards, pilot representation in investigation       MEC and, consequently, the Council 69 LEC, are the
meetings, or numerous other avenues, we work to        continued growth of the airline, the need for contin-
represent all pilots’ best interests.                  uously improving methods of educating our new pi-
                                                       lots, communicating the services and tools available
    Capts. Toothe and Ati are two of the six mem-      to improve the quality of employment for all pilots,
bers of the PSA MEC. As voting MEC members,            and providing leadership that represents the needs
they were a part of numerous LOAs ratified by the      and goals of this dynamic pilot group. Improve-
PSA MEC this year that improve the quality of life     ments are being sought regarding reserve work
of PSA pilots. Included were LOAs that addressed       rules, increased compensation, and a better working
and improved conditions concerning fatigue             relationship with new Flight Operations manage-
conference calls, captain displacements, Canadi-       ment leadership, as well as renewed trust between
an flying pairing limitations, ACARS notifications,    management and the pilots. Another challenge for
crew communicator text alerts, delay notification,     2018 is the potential of PSA Airlines management
Thanksgiving, and Christmas/New Year’s premium         approaching the PSA MEC for PBS (preferential bid-
pay, among other improvements.                         ding system) implementation. A PBS subcommittee
                                                       has been established to help evaluate the gains and
    Capt. Pennington keeps the LEC’s operating,        benefits potentially available if PBS is pursued. 
meetings, and financial records. He was also very in-
volved in the LEC meetings the leaders of Local 69
held in order to foster communication concerning

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