Costas Sivyllis ALPA Education Scholarship

Awards (up to $10,000 Yearly) 
Multiple scholarships totaling a value of $10,000 will be awarded to candidates displaying exemplary aviation career goals. Awards will be allocated at the discretion of the ALPA Education Committee in terms of individual dollar amounts and number of awards granted. Applicants may apply for a scholarship, even if they have received this or another type of scholarship.
Deadline to Apply 
April 1, 2021 at 5 p.m. ET
Eligibility Requirements 
Applicants must meet the following requirements: 
• Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program in an aviation field and actively enrolled in a flight training course at one of the following colleges/universities:
    o Arizona State University
    o Central Washington University
    o Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach, Fla.
    o Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott, Ariz.
    o Indiana State University
    o Lewis University
    o Oklahoma State University
    o Parks College of St. Louis University
    o Purdue University
    o Southern Illinois University
    o University of North Dakota
    o Western Michigan University
• Active in the ALPA education program at their university - e.g., ALPA ACE Club
• Have at least a 3.0 (4.0 scale) or 3.5 (5.0 scale) GPA
Acceptance Criteria
The ALPA Education Committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting the award recipients. Academic capability, financial need, and demonstrated commitment to an aviation career may be considered.
Selection(s) are made by no later than June of each year.
Application Procedure
In addition to completing the form below, all applications must include the following documents:
• Your Story (Essay) 
• Current Resume 
• Current Transcripts 
• Current Pilot Certificate
• Current Medical Certificate 
• Any Additional Certificate/Rating Documentation
• 2 Letters of Recommendation 
    - 1 from an instructor/professor 
    - 1 from someone other than an instructor/professor 
The application deadline is April 1.
Applications will be reviewed by the ALPA Education Committee.
Incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered.
At least 10 applicants will be selected to move on to the final selection process, which may involve a phone interview. The Education Committee will make its final selection by June of each year. Academic capability, financial need, and demonstrated commitment to an aviation career may be considered.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the narrative text for many fields we strongly recommend that you compose any text offline and copy and paste it into this application, particularly the essay.





Tell us your story! We want to know why you want this scholarship and what it means to you. Please submit a minimum 500-word essay about, but not limited to:

- Career goals
- Plan to achieve those goals 
- Financial need (if applicable)

Please use 12-point font and double line spacing when attaching the essay (see below). Also be sure to check your essay for spelling errors and use correct grammar and punctuation.

  NOTE: We recommend that you compose your essay offline ahead of time and the copy/paste your essay into this application

You will receive instructions on how to submit your follow up documentation  in the confirmation email you will be sent.  Be prepared to provide a single PDF or scanned image of all of your attachments:

- Your Story (Essay from above as a backup)
- Current Resume
- Current Transcripts
- Current Pilot Certificate
- Current Medical Certificate
- Any Additional Certificate/Rating Documentation
- Both Letters of Recommendation (1 from an instructor/professor; 1 from someone other than a professor/instructor)

Any incomplete applications will be disqualified.


* Required